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Zipline in Phuket

Zipline in Phuket

Phuket, the Pearl of the Andaman, is one of Thailand’s premiere tourist destinations. As Thailand’s largest island it’s blessed with beautiful white sand beaches, verdant rainforests and mountainous terrain. There is no shortage of fun things to do in Phuket, from swimming and snorkeling in its gin-clear waters to hiking, biking and parasailing, the list of outdoor activities Phuket has in store offers plenty of excitement and challenges just waiting to be discovered. And to be named, there is no deny that Zipline in Phuket make it to the list. A relatively new addition to the catalogue of Phuket outdoor activities lets you soar from tree to tree in the Phuket rainforests with a bird’s-eye view of the canopy, the thrilling Phuket zipline.

Zipline in Phuket


Phuket ziplines consist of a pulley suspended on a cable that allows you to fly across the top of the jungle where the birds and monkeys hang out. Phuket ziplines show that the island’s beauty goes far beyond the sea, sun, and sand that it is famous for. The hillsides in the interior of Phuket overflow with lush forests and are great for exploration and outdoor activities.

Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort is ideally situated near some of the best ziplines and terrain on the island. Conquer your fears and challenge yourself!

Zipline in Phuket


Flying Hanuman Phuket

Flying Hanuman Phuket provides travelers with exceptional service, enjoyment, excitement, and memories without impacting the natural balance of the forest. It is just only 20.5 km. from the hotel with 30 minutes driving. Flying Hanuman occupies an 80,000 square meter plot of natural rubber trees that are harvested by locals who live on the hillside. And a small creek runs through the land during the wet months within the reception area have been left untouched.

Three set journeys are provided:

1. Journey A offers fun adventure with meal and seasonal fruit set including 28 Platforms, 15 Ziplines, 2 Sky Bridges, 2 Abseil Points, 3 Spiral Stairways, 1 Sky Rail, a 20 Minute Wilderness walk and round trip transfer = 3,490฿.

2. Journey B offers everything above in Journey A, with seasonal fruit set but without the meal = 3,250฿.

3. Journey C offers quick thrill ride through the jungle with seasonal fruit set without meal including 16 Platforms, 8 Ziplines, 1 Sky Bridge, 1 Abseil point, 2 Spiral Stairways, 20 Minute Wilderness Walk, 1 Hour-long experience, Round trip transfer included = 2,300฿


Hanuman World Phuket

Swoop between 30 platforms set high in the trees and connected by rappel lines, sky bridges, spiral staircases and ziplines at Hanuman World Phuket, featuring state-of-the-art safety and equipment in a stunning tropical setting. Situated just 24 minutes from the hotel with 30 minutes of driving. Hanuman World Phuket lets you cover the course alongside a trained guide and then recount your adventure over an authentic Thai lunch.

The courses range from:

– World A with 30 Platforms + SKYWALK + With Meal, 16 Ziplines, 2 Abseil, 2 Sky Bridges, 2 Spiral Staircase and 2 Honeymoon Slings and R/T transfer for 3 hours of fun. Or,

– World B+ with 16 Platforms + Roller + SKYWALK, 10 Ziplines, 3 Abseil, 1 Sky Bridge, 1 Spiral Staircase and 1 Honeymoon Sling with R/T transfer for 2 hours. Each for ฿3,190.

– World B – 16 Platforms + SKYWALK, 10 Ziplines, 3 Abseil, 1 Sky Bridge, 1 Spiral Staircase, 1 Honeymoon Sling, R/T transfer for 2,300 baht – 1.5 hrs., and

– World C – 7 Platforms + SKYWALK, 3 Ziplines, 2 Abseil and R/T transfer – 1,990 baht for 1 hr.

And finally, just the Sky Walk + Abseil = ฿690


Tarzan Adventure Phuket

Tarzan Adventure Phuket offers a challenging combination of obstacle courses and Phuket ziplines at its finest. All 42 stations are in a safe and controlled environment. Situated in a coastal forest only 4 km. (8 minutes) from the hotel, Tarzan Adventure Phuket rests high up on a mountain side on the cape of Panwa, overseeing the sapphire blue Andaman Sea and surrounded by greenery and soaring trees.

The course includes: 42 Platforms, 17 Ziplines, 15 Wood Bridges, 3 Net Bridges, 3 Sling Walks, 1 Climbing, 2 Rope Walks, 1 Skateboarding. Pricing ranges from USD 33.79 for 21 platforms, to USD 49.20 for 42 platforms.

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