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Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket

Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket

When thinking of food in Phuket, seafood is probably the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind. Located by the Andaman Sea, it is obviously that Phuket must serve the best of seafood dishes. However the truly local menu is nothing but the Southern Thai. Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort will bring you to experience the best southern Thai food in Phuket. Follow us to learn how the locals originally eat and lavish yourself with this authentic cuisine!

Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket

1. Kung Sarong 

Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket

“Kung” means prawns and “Sarong” means wrapped in Thai. To sum up: “Kung Sarong” is deep fried prawns wrapped in vermicelli. The tiger prawns must be fried as crisply as possible. Then dip in the chili sauce to add some spice to this menu. The best part is that this dish could be a snack or appetizer before beginning your authentic food session!

2. Yum Pak Kood 

Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket

Known as vegetables fern salad. Fern is young leaves that popular for Yum (spicy salad) and grows well during rainy season. Fern can also be cooked for any type of menu either fried or boiled. Main ingredients when cooking Yum Pak Kood are steamed king prawns, fern, quail egg and crispy shallots. But don’t forget to add the chili pasted for the best in southern style.

3. Moo Hong 

Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket

Pork belly cooked with dark soya source that gives you the sweet tender flavored. This menu is just a few among other southern dishes without any spicy taste. Pork belly in a paste made from star anise, coriander root, black peppercorns and coconut sugar similarity to Moo Palo (another Thai sweet strewed pork). But this one doesn’t contain of Stewed Powder.

4. Yum Ma Phrao Khua

Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket

Another famous Yum (spicy salad) that southerners know well. Plus the important ingredient which is roasted shredded coconut with savor taste of pineapple sour dressing. And for the sweet lovers, this menu still give you a flavor of sweetness by coriander sweet as well. If you love spicy so much, you can still add chili paste later on as much as you want.

5. Khao Niao Durian & Durian Phao 

Best Southern Thai Food in Phuket

Finish up your southern cuisine with the famous Phuket dessert, Khao Niao Durian and Durian Phao. It is the combination of coconut milk, sticky rice and durian which is the most uniqueness fruit you could every try. You will get the most wonderful taste of durian from durian crème brûlée like no others.


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