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Phuket Floating Breakfast

Floating Breakfast Phuket

 There’s a new traveler’s food trend that’s literally making a splash – the Floating Breakfast. You may have seen this new trend on Instagram or Facebook, with a bikini-clad woman standing next to a floating breakfast feast while navel deep in an infinity pool, a turquoise ocean shimmering in the background. It’s the latest luxury hotel offering that’s popping up around the world and Thailand is no exception. Experience the new Phuket Floating Breakfast at Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort and indulge all your senses with the best breakfast in Phuket.

The origins of these beautiful breakfasts can likely be traced back to Bali, though it’s unclear who created it and when. But Koh Samui quickly got onboard, and now this rage of over the top breakfasts in private villa pools with ocean backdrops has come to Phuket. Whether you want to do it for ‘the Gram’ or surprise your partner with a romantic breakfast, either way, a delicious Phuket Floating Breakfast in your private Phuket Pool Villa is a nice way to start a day in paradise.


phuket floating breakfastphuket floating breakfastphuket floating breakfast


The spacious Pool Villas with Garden View and Pool Villas with Sea View at Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort are the Phuket luxury villas promoting our new Floating Breakfasts, and are perfect for those coveted Instagram shots. The quality of the food and the stunning views make it an ideal way to spend the morning. Spend the morning floating in your private pool indulging on Eggs Benedict with Black Truffle, or Prosciutto Bagel with Cream Cheese and Rocket, to name a few of the delicious options on the menu for you. Why start your day with simple toast, cereal or yoghurt, when you can have one of our elegant chef’s masterpieces? Choose from our extensive menu, with Asian and Western choice, then choose among the hot and cold drinks, fresh fruits and sides on offer, and we will deliver a sumptuous breakfast to you on your private terrace with your pool to enjoy the breakfast of your choice.

Your Instagram picture will scream luxury, and could give anyone a slight tinge of vacation envy. Our Phuket Floating Breakfast is in keeping with the hotel’s party spirit, bringing the cheer out even in the morning hours as this new trend lights up social media feeds around the world.

phuket floating breakfastphuket floating breakfastphuket floating breakfast

If you can think of a better way to take in the morning sea breeze than from your Phuket villa’s private pool with smoked salmon on rye in one hand and a glass of bubbly in the other, while taking in the stunning sea or garden views, we’re all ears.

Our Phuket Luxury Villas at Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort offer peaceful morning dips in your personal plunge pool, made that much more enticing when you add in the best breakfast in Phuket. We are pleased to introduce our Phuket Floating Breakfast, offered at our Pool Villas with Garden View and Pool Villas with Sea View. Take an early morning dip in your private pool with no need to get out, change and go for breakfast at the restaurant.

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